Business Owners: Do you have an exit strategy?

If you are an age 55+ business owner who has a documented exit plan, you are among the minority. Did you know that the mean age of controlling ownership in U.S. family owned businesses is 60 years? Over the next ten years, approximately 2.7 million boomer businesses, worth trillions of dollars, are expected to change hands due to owner retirement.1 ONLY 17% of those businesses have a documented exit plan! Sixty percent have no plans in place to cover illness, death, or other forced exit. Finally, 63% of closely held businesses are owned by baby boomers and 80% or more of their net worth is tied up in their businesses.2

The number one key to achieving your exit goals is to start planning and executing your exit strategy several years (5+ is ideal) before you expect to begin exiting the business. Whether you wish to transfer your business to family or you plan to sell the business, having a long-term exit strategy will help you to:

  • Achieve your retirement income goals
  • Maximize the value of your business
  • Facilitate a smooth transition of the business to the next generation
  • And assure the legacy that you have worked so hard to create

The professionals of Dublin Advisors LLC are well equipped to help you define your exit goals and develop a comprehensive financial strategy to achieve them.

1 Baby Boomer Business Owners: Will There Be A Mass Sell-Off? By Carey McMann, SME Research LLC – September 2012
2 2013 Northeast Ohio Chapter of the Exit Planning Institute “State of Owner Readiness” Survey Full Report Prepared by Chris Cooper, Ohio Employee Ownership Center, Kent State University

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