Professionalize your business to scale growth

Small Business

I often talk to my successful small business clients about the need to “professionalize” their businesses in order to scale their operations more effectively. Many successful entrepreneurial businesses reach a plateau in their life cycles where growth becomes more difficult because the entrepreneur’s time becomes consumed with day-to-day decisions and operational details. At that point, a business can be led back to faster growth by introducing additional professional talent into the leadership of the business.

Supplemental leadership talent best comes in the form of people having skill sets and experiences which complement those of the entrepreneur. For example, a business that is experiencing stagnant sales growth could enlist the help of an experienced sales consultant to put in place sales processes, metrics, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. An entrepreneur who is talented in business development might need help from a strong CFO who provides structured business planning and cash flow management. A firm in need of a stronger brand image could benefit from engaging the right marketing talent. The result of professionalization is that the company gains new ideas and needed capabilities (systems, processes, knowledge) which make the company more easily scalable. At the same time, the owner is freed to focus on what he or she does best…those things that made the company successful in the first place!

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